IPv6 – /64 Everywhere

Three AS peers each delivering a different style of IPv6, Announcing a /48 prefix via eBGP

  1. An AS with 1 peer delivering a straight /64 (awesome, 10 points!! thanks for playing)
  2. An AS with 1 peer delivering a /126
  3. An AS with 2 peers each delivering a /127 (plus feeding two different /64 ranges via bgp)

Link Local


/64 Ranges

Don’t ask, Just do it everywhere!

Notes on /126 Ranges

Notes on /127 Ranges


Using the /49th thru /64th bit as an identity to match an identity and OSPF Area ID

Z to identify the depth into the network (0xff = 255)
Y to identify the OSPF Area ID (0xff = 255)


6to4 Tunnels

proto 41