OMRON NB-Series HMI “Erasing Flash Fail”

you my friend have a worn out FLASH chip

MT29F1G08ABADA – WP (TSOP48) 1Gb x8: NAND Flash Memory


I got a failed HMI from work where the HMI looks to be locked up which was only displaying the LOGO screen, uploading anything in application mode fails and trying to erase the flash in Download mode fails. My Guess is that its a worn out flash chip, so i’m going to try an remove/test and replace it.

I’ve seen the same wear issue in which is usally caused by excessive writes by logging.

Trying to erase

Downloader Mode

Set device to Downloader Mode


In NBManager

System Operation

Write the new Kernel works fine (which blocks does it reside?)

Write Root File System

spelling mistake

Error Management Details

“Over time, some memory locations may fail to program or erase properly. In order to
ensure that data is stored properly over the life of the NAND Flash device, the following
precautions are required”

Flash Areas


Block 0 – 0x0 thru 0x20fff

Times 1024 blocks

extending to 0x83fffff


0x0 thru 0xf77f

Uniquie ID

0x0 thru 0x1f

Replacing Flash



Reading Chip

New Chip FOB,

1716 – so, Year 2017 Week 16

Might need to upgrade to the T56 to get the OPT scction done.


Initial boot

Updating Root File System