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ChromeCast Scripting

https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/media wget https://github.com/barnybug/go-cast/releases/download/0.1.0/cast-linux-amd64 ./cast discover./cast –host –name OfficeTV status./cast –host –name OfficeTV...

Crazy Disk Layout

Found a set of disk in my pile that came out of a Buffalo NAS root@debian:~# mdadm –detail /dev/md127 /dev/md127: Version : 1.2 Creation Time : Thu May 28 11:42:20 2015 Raid Level : raid5 Array Size : 1953259520 (1862.77 GiB 2000.14 GB) Used Dev Size : 976629760...


QLA Target Mode? SCSI storage controller: Adaptec ASC-29320ALP U320 (rev 10)Fibre Channel: QLogic Corp. ISP2432-based 4Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA (rev 03)Storage Array:Cisco MDS 9222i