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Cisco MDS 9222i Basic Config

mds9222i# sh run !Command: show running-config !Time: Thu Oct 3 15:25:27 2019 version 6.2(9a) power redundancy-mode redundant feature iscsi iscsi enable module 1 feature fcip role name default-role description This is a system defined role and applies to all users....


QLA Target Mode? SCSI storage controller: Adaptec ASC-29320ALP U320 (rev 10)Fibre Channel: QLogic Corp. ISP2432-based 4Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA (rev 03)Storage Array:Cisco MDS 9222i

FiberChannel Rescan

#!/bin/bash SLEEP_INTERVAL=300 echo "Scanning all fibre channel host adapters" for i in `ls /sys/class/fc_host` do echo "Rescanning /sys/class/fc_host/${i}:" echo " Issuing a loop initialization on ${i}:" echo "1" >...