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Building a retro Chepernet 10Base2 network for retro computers and device of the time, Much like I used to in the old days circa 1999

Ethernet Specification

IEEE 802.3a

Transmission Speed10Mbps
Transmission MediaRG-58 50Ω COAX
Maximum Segment Length185m
Maximum Node/Segment30
Minimum Length Between Nodes0.5m
Maximum Nwtwork Length925m

Hardware Design for MAU

Does the voltage increase on 10Base2 and 10Base5 ethernet when the signal  is reflected? Will this trigger the collision detection? - Electrical  Engineering Stack Exchange

Devices On Retro LAN


Retro pcs?


IBM RS/6000

Sun Workstation

Other device

HP LaserJet 4000 C4120A (via Jetdirect J3111A)

HP Jetdirect EX J2591A Print Server

Dlink DL514 Remote Access Server

USROBITICS 56k modem

Connection to the internet

Cisco IAD2431 (ISDN E1 PRI) to Cisco 3800 with Digital Modems and NM-1CE1T1-PRI

Dial up via 56k modem to FXS then to E1 then to a Digital modem and to network AS


NM-1E to aui